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Careers at Forseven.

We are delighted to partner with EV start-up, Forseven, a brand that is reimagining the way electric vehicles are manufactured, owned and connected with.

About Forseven

As an early-stage start-up, Forseven’s business model is still under wraps - but the brand has declared its ambition to streamline the way premium, dynamically-engaging vehicles are made, and offer them via an ecosystem that captures the imagination. The UK based brand has its sights set on the global automotive industry and has assembled a leadership team to do just that.

What kind of people does Forseven recruit?

Individuals who are not afraid to question conventions, and have a deep drive to deliver, will excel at Forseven. While the brand is emphatically opposed to the “contrarian for the sake of it” school of market disruption, innovation and action will create differentiation.

Forseven is a place for people who can embrace the journey: you’ll need to be comfortable with start-up environments, sharing ideas and best practice across the business and creating the roadmap as you travel along it. Collaboration will be crucial, both within the company but also with the team’s strategic partners, all of whom are crucial to the brand’s success.

Successful Forseven candidates could come from any environment where innovative thinking thrives and drives action. You might hail from an automotive OEM background but possess the talent and passion to found a new and creative setting. Or you might have developed your expertise outside of the sector but have bags of vision, insight and drive. Either way, all Forseven candidates will have the rare mix of creativity, talent and productivity to help the business mature quickly in a fast paced environment unencumbered by legacy processes.

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