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Production Team Leader

Production Team Leader
£35,000 - £40,000
Rugby, Warwickshire
Our client is a leading designer and manufacturer of fiber lasers for use in cutting, welding and marking applications in a wide range of industries. They are seeking a new Production Team Leader to help look after a team of approx. 12 - 15 people, reporting to the Production Manager, where the team make high end fiber optic assemblies.
The role is leading a team within a cleanroom environment, taking the lead with the teams KPI's and so. Working alongside engineering on lean manufacturing processes to making sure these processes are maintained during working practices. This would suit someone from an electrical, mechanical or optical manufacturing background within a lean manufacturing environment.
You will need to have experience / be used to working to comapnies targets on volume / time of manufacturing.
Job Purpose:
? Lead, encourage and develop staff, through driving and maintaining high standards whilst creating an environment of trust and respect.
? Responsible for all Tier 1 activity: The effective/efficient production within a cell or group of cells, meeting On Time Delivery targets whilst ensuring high levels of quality and minimum rejects. 
? Effectively manage available resource (equipment and personnel) to ensure maximum productivity, whilst maintaining the flexibility to react to sudden changes in priority.
? Ensure manufacturing processes are adhered to, enabling consistently predictable and reliable output in line with agreed business targets. 
? The Cell Leader is expected to be hands-off within reason. The cell leader by title is required to lead the team and thus carry out duties to support the section and the staff, which might not mean producing at times. The percentage split of hands on and off, may vary between sections, but the expectation is that the cell leader recognises the requirement to plan time in order that the cell and the staff are supported, lead and developed.
? Create a culture of continuous improvement within the cell and use SYNCHRO principles and tools.
Key Areas of Responsibility:
SQDCP:  Use a disciplined approach to a "standard work" schedule/template, and daily Tier 1 shop floor meetings to fulfil the following key responsibilities....
? Ensure work is carried out in a safe manner at all times, that the relevant risk assessments are fully understood (and signed-off) by the whole team and all the control measures are adhered to. Ensure that any incidents or near misses are reported accurately and in a timely manner.
? As area owner, carry out risk assessments and ensure ergonomic assessments are performed to the agreed schedule.
? Ensure products are built to meet the appropriate quality standards and required specifications.
? Ensure processes are carried out as per the documented procedures. (MG-P, MG-Q, TPM, and any other process control checks). Highlighting documented improvements where relevant.
? Ensure the team accurately record MSC and non MCS activities to capture real time data (where applicable). Raise permits, concessions and administer workflow management where required.
? Administer MG-P revision control in the cell, ensure team members are trained and signed-off when new revisions are released.
? Ensure Calibration of equipment is carried-out to the calibration schedule.
? Ensure required builds are planned/scheduled to meet the demands of both the WTL/PIPE and any R&D NPI project timelines. Understand the weekly/daily output requirements and clearly communicate to the whole team.
? Measure and report actual output via KPI's and be able to, if necessary, communicate the reasons why output falls short of the requirements with applicable recovery actions/plans.
? Maintain and Audit 5S standards to ensure everything is correctly setup/located and housekeeping standards are high to eliminate potential delays/waste.
? Lead and contribute to Kaizan cell based continuous improvement projects - leading by example and encouraging the team to assist and participate in the process, applying SYNCHRO tools and methods. 
? Ensure all disruptions are reported in accordance with the problem-solving process and fixes/containments are made expediently. Partake in route-cause problem solving workshops relating to the cell. Use PDCA to ensure effective resolution.
? Effectively manage material within the cell. Liaise with Materials Control to ensure WIP is promptly updated and all finished works-orders are transacted upon completion. To support this, NCR’s for non-conforming material should be raised promptly.
? Take a lead role in identifying and highlighting non-conformities and problems such as BOM errors, MG-P errors, etc, and escalate accordingly.
? Ensure TPM is carried-out correctly, administer the collection/recording of TMP checklists, and (escalate as appropriate, act on any TPM non-conformances'.
? Work with manufacturing engineers to perform value stream analysis and value stream design to enable waste elimination and capacity improvements and participate-in and run improvement projects.
? Lead by example in all aspects of behaviour, standards and adherence to company procedures. Foster teamwork with a flexible approach. 
? Demonstrate good punctuality and time management and instil same approach into team.
? Ensure appropriate training is planned and provided to support flexibility without impacting quality.  Take responsibility for ensuring staff are trained against valid MG-P’s and maintain training records as required by MG-T00033.
? Keep cross-training/skills-matrix data up to date with regular reviews.
? Work closely with the area manager and other cell leaders across the full value stream to maximise the output and efficiency of the whole department and to ensure best practice.
? Work closely with the area manager to monitor individual cell member(s) performance. Report any problems in a timely manner; highlight gifted employees and exceptional performance. Conduct the appraisals of cell members, with the support of a manager (if required).
? Act as a central point of contact between cell and other Operations staff for a quick resolution of faults/problems/issues.
? Organise the team in a safe and efficient manner to meet output requirements. This includes control of holidays and other planned absences, reacting to unplanned absences, and rotation of staff to keep skills fresh and retain flexibility. Develop and encourage staff to train/take-on some of the key cell responsibilities to aid cell running, create a higher non-hands-on skill set within the cell and aid succession planning.
Required Experience:
Previous experience of leading a team all aspects of behaviour, standards and adherence to company procedures.
Must demonstrate good people skills, through identifying individual needs and skills.
Develop and harvest a positive and harmonious environment within the team.
Product knowledgeable with technical experience.
Possess a technical qualification or has sufficient, relevant experience to meet the responsibilities.
Previous in-depth experience of working within a Lean manufacturing environment.
Personal Profile:
Hard working and well organised capable of structured problem solving with a flash of innovation when required.
Will be able to hit the ground running, lead change and develop new ways of working through collaboration in a multi-functional environment.
Good communication skills both orally and in writing with the ability to discuss complex issues with staff at all levels.
Will be able to maintain confidentiality at all times.
Is capable of resolving minor conflict and knows how and when to escalate.
Be able to look beyond current processes and bring benefit through alternative experience.
Self-motivated, able to work independently and as part of a team.
Adaptable, able to multi task in a change-oriented environment.
Creative and innovative, seeking ways to continuously improve processes.
Have a thorough attention to detail.
To apply please send an MS Word formatted version of your CV over for our review