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Talent sourcing

A service structured around successful delivery.

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We never let anything get in the way of great customer service.

Our recruitment service begins with full lifecycle contingency hiring for a one-off requirement. It can extend to an assignment to build a talented project team, or even to us becoming your long-term workforce strategy partner.

However and whatever you need us for, we’re structured to provide outstanding service and delivery first and foremost, and we ensure nothing gets in the way of that. Our team of passionate industry experts is motivated purely by customer and candidate success.


In addition to contingency recruitment, our services include:


Never sacrificing quality for quantity, we’re often the last agency standing on a PSL for hard to fill vacancies.

Exclusive Recruitment

With demonstrable success in exclusive recruitment assignments, we provide an Executive Search methodology for recruitment fees.


We’re trusted by clients globally to pay candidates weekly and invoice clients monthly, all whilst following the latest compliance.


From insights and benchmarking into what motivates candidates and how jobseekers’ values are changing to retention and location strategy, Gerrell & Hard is able to provide sizeable intellectual capital, data and knowledge of the rapidly-evolving hiring landscape that can inform your workforce strategy.

Managed campaigns

If favourable advertising rates and zero hassle are your goals, we can manage attraction programmes from client-branded advertising to volume hiring and assessment centres, overseeing the full candidate attraction, selection and deployment cycle.

A full attraction strategy to launch or build a team.

Learn more about how Gerrell & Hard can act as a growth partner to tech brands and how we can help accelerate your growth through recruitment and workforce strategy.

Bowman eTurbo Systems
Bowman eTurbo Systems

Having now worked with G&H for several years, and experienced other recruitment companies as well, I would commend them strongly for their calm, sophisticated and successful approach to meeting our recruitment needs.

Paul Dowman-Tucker, CEOBowman eTurbo Systems

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