Sound service


Gerrell & Hard's long-term partnership with this global sonar firm has been built upon our ability to consistently find highly specialist candidates.

Based in Yateley, Sonardyne is a privately-owned, leading global provider of underwater acoustic, inertial, optical and sonar technology. The company employs approximately 300 people.

Gerrell & Hard's working relationship with Sonardyne began when Principal Consultant David Watts filled two firmware engineer roles which had been open for some time despite other recruiters' best efforts. Our success filling these vacancies led to many more roles in a short period of time.

Insight is everything

Our ongoing success with Sonardyne stems from our deep insight into the key pillars of the business that make it unique: its culture, products, markets and people. In addition to this, our broad engineering and technical skills coverage means we can fulfil talent searches for a variety of roles across the business.

Sonardyne is a brand with a compelling story. Its unique culture and approach to innovation has seen the company develop from a two-man start-up to a multiple award-winning enterprise whose brand is synonymous with innovation. Gerrell & Hard’s insight into the company and its story allows us to reflect and communicate its culture to our candidates, and to select individuals who are a good match for the business.

Our consultative, professional approach sits well with Sonardyne and we have been pleased to earn their trust and become a valued supplier. 


Our task with Sonardyne has often been "difficult-to-source expertise," in domains from software design, project and programme management to contract law, health and safety, electronic design, materials specialisms, procurement and more. Whatever the brief, the number and quality of candidates presented by Gerrell & Hard has been described by Sonardyne as "astonishing and exceptional". Our candidates have been successful within the company and are still there many years after joining; one technical specialist who joined many years ago is now a main Board Director leading technical development.


Having worked with Gerrell & Hard, and most especially David Watts, over many years, I can say without hesitation that anyone engaging their services will receive a friendly, informed, effective and highly professional experience. Everyone wins with the Gerrell & Hard approach.

Cheryl Brannan, HR Director