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RML Motorsport

Ahead of the pack

RML Motorsport

Gerrell & Hard provided an Executive Search methodology, but for recruitment fees and structures, for this renowned and growing brand.

RML is one of the leading high performance engineering companies in the world. Its background lies in delivering Touring Car, Sports Prototype and Rallying programmes in major motorsport series for global automotive brands winning multiple World Championships for its partners. RML now applies this nimble and winning mind-set to developing high performance road car derivatives and advance automotive technology for OEMs.

As renowned and exciting as RML unquestionably is, it is also a burgeoning brand and is definitely one to watch.

Candidates become clients

Gerrell & Hard's work with RML Group came about because an individual who joined the HR team there had been interviewed by us in the past (as a candidate) and liked their professional approach.

In December 2013, after being promoted to HRD at RML, she approached us to help her recruit an operational role. Within six months RML followed up with a further two director-level operational and commercial requirements requiring an Executive Search methodology (but for contingency recruitment fees and structure). The Gerrell & Hard team filled the roles within four months.

A strong relationship

The Gerrell & Hard team has built a strong relationship with RML over a period of several years. From the outset we sought to gain a strong understanding of their culture, meeting them onsite to view their operation and gain the best possible brief for their first requirement.

Our deep understanding of their culture, combined with our detailed knowledge of our candidates, means we are able to match candidates to RML's specific requirements very accurately. In RML's case – and to their credit – this has resulted in long tenure for roles that would be high-churn positions in some companies.


Since our first placement, Gerrell & Hard has consistently delivered to RML by working to a tight and well-interrogated brief, and has built a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. In addition to contingency recruitment we also provide benchmarking and value-adding industry expertise.

We have developed a true partnership with RML and are proud to have this renowned, ever-growing brand as a client.

RML Motorsport

Although we don’t have a PSL, Gerrell & Hard are usually our first port of call, particularly when recruiting at either a senior level or for a specialist role. They stand out from many other recruitment consultants as they have taken the time to understand how we work, and qualify the requirements of the role each time.  Consequently, we can guarantee they will present quality candidates to us, who not only meet our technical specification, but will be a cultural fit which is particularly important to us.

Louise Biggs, HR Director
RML Motorsport