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Growth partnership

Your trusted growth partner in tech recruitment

Proud to be a growth partner to some of today’s most exciting tech brands.

Gerrell & Hard has emerged as a leading growth partner for many of today’s most innovative challenger brands and technology disruptors, helping to take companies from startup to scaleup.

We support new brands from the outset to help them avoid the pitfalls of hiring their first generation of talent, and consult with established market-leaders as they diversify and modernise their technologies and products.

For emerging technology firms, the need to focus on refining and developing product and attracting investors means that planning workforce expansion and mapping talent against the skills they need to achieve their goals can be left until late in the day. This is further complicated because in today’s evolving technology markets there is no standardised blueprint for the hiring process. Even established OEMs find themselves navigating uncharted territories as they pivot into new tech. 

Our consultation, planning and execution of workforce and hiring strategy goes far beyond recruiting new staff. We can integrate seamlessly into any phase of a client project, either spearheading the initiative or supplementing an in-house team.


Success stories

Our expertise in onboarding, assessment centres, employer branding, attraction strategy and candidate insight has enabled many tech disruptors and challenger brands to accelerate their growth. 


As growth partners, we view our role as resolving workforce challenges so that our partners can concentrate on their job of solving the big technological challenges and creating solutions  for a better future.


In addition to salary benchmarking, our insight encompasses candidate location preferences, potential backgrounds, appealing package structures, favoured work models and identifying potential recruitment roadblocks.

Employer Branding

We’ve collaborated with nascent brands under wraps of secrecy. Crafting a compelling narrative while maintaining discretion is our forte.

Structuring Intake

Beyond hiring, we offer consultative insights into staff contracts, understanding budget constraints, and developing strategies for team growth.

Software and ATS Solutions

In the digital age, the right tech tools are vital. From Applicant Tracking Systems to brand positioning, we guide you in optimising your online presence for attracting the best talent.

Become a partner

Become a partner

Join the startups, scaleups & established OEMs we’ve helped to plan and execute their workforce and hiring strategies.

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