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Career advancement

If it’s in tech, we’ve got it covered.

We’re often with a candidate for their entire journey from entry level to leader.

Gerrell & Hard’s approach to your experience as a candidate is to build a mutually beneficial, lasting relationship founded on trust and a deep understanding of what motivates and drives you.

We’ve had the pleasure, many times over, of being part of a candidate’s journey—from helping them secure their first role to having them engage us to help them build their new team. It’s one of the most rewarding experiences for a recruitment company and the clearest example we can provide of how we operate as a recruitment partner.

Sectors and skills

We recruit for most technology design and manufacture roles today, from the people building innovative solutions to society’s biggest challenges, to applications that cross traditional market boundaries. Our clients include disruptive startups, established brands reimagining their product, and legacy markets.

We recruit anybody from design engineers in automotive or autonomous mobility to data specialists in manufacturing. Many of our candidates are chosen because their skills and qualities are needed to produce technologies that are in the throes of being born right now.


Our services are about one thing: ensuring you have an outstanding and enjoyable candidate experience.

Permanent Recruitment

Whether you’re ambitiously building a portfolio career to take you to the top, developing niche expertise or seeking a lifestyle change, our exciting permanent roles span everything from niche consultancies to world-renowned OEMs.

Contract Recruitment

We work directly with limited company contractors and with those working through umbrella or professional services companies. The G&H team is vastly experienced at working with contractors and offers peerless ongoing support and contractor care.

Career Coaching

The search, application and assessment stages of job hunting can feel lonely. Our support is born out of decades of experience, and includes helping you to recognise your skills and clarify your priorities.

Payroll & Contractor Services

We know that contractors want to work with an agency they can trust and rely on. Our contracts are watertight, with a weekly pay cycle, providing flexibility, risk management and safety for contract workers.

A new level of insight

A new level of insight

To understand your needs as a candidate we go beyond (admittedly important) considerations such as salary requirements and preferred location, to understand more about what you want to get out of your career and the values and mission you seek in an employer.

What problems are you motivated to solve? How do you want to work? What is your motive for wanting a new challenge?

In this way we aim to deliver true richness to our candidates and ensure we present our clients with inspired and committed people.

Gerrell & Hard

Paris is the most helpful and responsible consultant I have ever met...I definitely will recommend Paris, because when you are looking for a job, you need a kind and responsible person to help you find the opportunities.

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