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What our team say about our culture

We asked a neutral friend to interview our team, with no bribes involved, to find out what they like about working here.


I joined G&H because I recognised in the brand something that I had always been looking for. You can make whatever you want of your career here; you’re trusted to do your job. The leaders are here for you if you need them – you will never be ignored and have a lot of support and knowledge on tap if you want it - but you’re also responsible for your own destiny and can set your own agenda.


It would be a hard company to leave! They regularly introduce new and exciting benefits that surprise me and that make it all even more enjoyable – which is something it has always been. I don’t really feel like I’m working, to be honest; I feel like I’m coming in to do something I enjoy and getting paid for it, and can just get on with it. There’s a huge amount of trust and respect here. Everyone is treated very well and it feels like we’re a team and a family.


I love the energy, passion for the job and team dynamic. All the staff are open and respected, and the leadership style is one of friends not managers, but where respect for the founders and what they do and say is a given. For me the key word is respect – you receive it and there’s no question everyone has huge respect for the founders.


I love coming to work and I still feel like this is a project I am working on with friends. I’m proud of the people we have taken on and their success, but above all we wanted to prove that it’s possible to do recruitment very well and have a flexible and mature culture without being salesy or pushy. I feel like we’ve won that challenge, and we’ve never compromised on that and never will.


I like the work/life balance, the flexibility of my working hours, and the really collaborative and supportive approach we have as a team. Since coming back from maternity leave I work 3-day weeks in the office and enjoy the flexibility of being able to work from home, too.


What we get working here – the benefits and culture – is incredible. I tell my friends and family about it all the time.

Nick Green

The emphasis here is on wellbeing, and being looked after well! I love the nine-day fortnight and the Vitality Health Insurance. The atmosphere is really healthy and it’s all geared towards enjoying work. There’s no micro-management and no unnecessary targets.


I feel very positive about taking responsibility for my own career, learning and getting stuck in. I enjoy the autonomy, the coaching, the trust and flexibility of the environment, and I’m proud to have enjoyed great success in my first year. I feel like I’m nowhere near mastery yet, but I’m really excited and motivated to learn.

Nick Gerrell

It’s a good business to work for and I’m proud that we have a niche boutique recruitment business that’s totally different to a large corporate, yet we are often the first port of call for our clients. I’m proud of the culture we have here and the way we’ve managed to set up to deliver the highest level of service to clients and candidates, probably because we provide a good work/life balance that gets the best out of people. We have vitality health and we pay well and deliver good bonus schemes and an attractive long term incentive plan too.

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