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We're proud to support Bowman as it develops radical new technologies that support businesses across the world in their journey to Net Zero.

What kind of people does Bowman recruit?

As a high precision engineering firm, Bowman seeks degree-qualified, high-calibre engineers who are critical thinkers and problem solvers. Applicants must also be pragmatic, imaginative and highly collaborative.

Typically we recruit individuals skilled in Mechanical Design, Power Electronics, Embedded Software and New Product Development.

Bowman’s roles typically involve ideating a concept, developing requirements specifications, designing a new product, trial and test, transferring into production and supporting products in an operating environment. As a Bowman employee you’ll be working in a fast-paced development lifecycle where products travel from concept to market in six-to-twelve months.

Bowman prefers its teams to work onsite where they can work closely together and spark off one another to solve problems, innovate and productively challenge one another to refine their ideas. It’s a positive, creative and professional environment where Engineers’ opinions are sought and treated with respect.

Next-gen hiring

Gerrell & Hard has enjoyed a trusted partnership with Bowman since 2014 and we’re proud to support the hiring team’s search for innovative talent. The next generation of hires will join an exciting environment: Bowman’s clean technology is already transforming some of the most emission-heavy industries while making clean energy even more efficient.

About Bowman

Bowman’s eTurbo Systems, powered by its unique TorqIQ® technology, are enabling more efficient and flexible use of today’s fuels while accelerating the transition to tomorrow’s. Bowman has been pioneering the development of new technology that improves the energy efficiency of reciprocating engines. Its new eTurbo technology can optimise engine boosting and waste heat recovery, ensuring engines rise to the challenge of being more efficient, more responsive and more adaptable while lowering fuel consumption, cost and emissions. With this new technology Bowman is leading the global challenge to deliver better energy recovery through engine boosting technologies.

Applying to Bowman

Please apply to live vacancies (below or from the job search) or by sending us your updated CV.