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Nick Gerrell

Nick Gerrell
Principal Consultant and co-founder

A seasoned consultant, Nick has a fine and longstanding reputation within the automotive industry and its related sectors. Early in his career, he quickly became a “star” consultant, his passion, honesty, work ethic and easy way with people enabling him to forge lasting relationships with clients and candidates. In many ways Nick is a distillation of the G&H brand: as well as being an ace at his job, he’s one of the nicest guys in the industry.


Nick gained his formative recruitment experience at Engineering and IT recruitment firm ARM, where he spent ten years learning his trade as an automotive recruiter and continually excelled within his field. His knowledge and skill helped the business to win managed accounts with some renowned industry brands.

In 2011 Nick co-founded Gerrell & Hard with Joel Hard after the two had worked closely together for several years, each nurturing a desire to create a dream working environment that focused on the very best elements of service-based recruitment.

Role at Gerrell & Hard

Nick is heavily involved in business development and works with the majority of our automotive accounts. Still (and always) a hands-on recruiter, he leads from the front – but as a mentor and exemplar, rather than a task-setter. That’s how we do it!

Free time

Nick is father to a young son, Theo, and is a keen sportsman. A gifted creative midfielder, he was trained at the Southampton FC Academy and is a season ticket holder at the club. Nick is also a regular runner and swimmer, with Theo often accompanying many of his sporting outings. A man of eclectic tastes, Nick appreciates natural beauty and supports conservation; he’s a national trust member and his “second team” is Forest Green Rovers, the sustainable football team.

Nick, as one of the founders of the business, what are you most proud of about G&H?

“Our team is fantastic and I love the way we work together, and I’m really proud of our client base. It features some of the biggest household names and some less widely-recognised companies that are doing incredible things that it’s really exciting to be a part of. We’ve also run some exciting projects - for example, looking for superstar graduates for big automotive performance academies, running future leaders programmes and carrying out what are effectively headhunting assignments for elite brands.“

Tell us something that your customers might not know about you…

“Everyone who works with me knows I’m a stickler for routine. As part of my general health regime I’ve got some strict eating habits – one is that I eat carrots at midday everyday – without fail! ”

What do you most enjoy about your job?

“I love being involved in the hiring process from start to finish. I enjoy building relationships and have a huge passion for recruitment. Both those things fire me up today as much today as they ever did, and I think it’s the reason why so many of my candidates become clients.

I love that what we do can be potentially life-changing for individuals - I never get bored of that and never will. I want to always be a recruiter; it gets me up in the morning and I’m so lucky to enjoy what I do this much.”