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Case Study Bowman

Bowman eTurbo Systems

Case Study

A powerful partnership

Early in our relationship with this precision engineering firm, Gerrell & Hard completed assignments for hard-to-fill vacancies where headhunters had previously failed. We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with them ever since.

Southampton-based Bowman Power Group was founded in 2004 by Tony Davies, to develop new technology for improving the energy efficiency of reciprocating engines. Bowman’s products are complex and require precision engineering so the demands of recruiting for the business are both technical and exacting and it is our understanding of the business that enables us to complete our assignments.

In March 2014 Gerrell & Hard was added to the Preferred Supplier List of Bowman Power after a successful meeting with the incumbent Operations Director.

Shortly after, we successfully hired a Principal Mechanical Engineer, a challenging role they had been struggling to fill for some time. Our candidate went on to win the UK Women’s Business Award in 2015. 

"Having now worked with G&H for several years, and experienced other recruitment companies as well, I would commend them strongly for their calm, sophisticated and successful approach to meeting our recruitment needs."

Paul Dowman-Tucker, CEO, Bowman Power

We were also approached by Bowman to replace a Principal Electronics Engineer (placed by one of our own team twenty years ago!) who was retiring. Bowman needed a professional engineer with a Power and Electronics background. A headhunter had tried, unsuccessfully, to fill the role. Gerrell & Hard identified a candidate based in the Midlands and who was willing to relocate to the South Coast.

Having solved two big recruitment challenges for Bowman Power at an early stage in our ongoing work with them, Gerrell & Hard has now been entrusted with a number of vacancies. We have a fantastic relationship with the hiring team and have placed more than twenty engineers in permanent and contract positions for them since 2014.

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