ICS Robotics and Automation


ICS Robotics and Automation

Precision recruiting

ICS Robotics and Automation

By providing a consultative approach to a client with exacting demands, Gerrell & Hard has become a sole supplier to a business that did not previously work with recruiters.

ICS, an independent systems integrator, has been providing advanced robotic welding and automation solutions throughout the UK and Ireland since 1989. The company offers turnkey robotic welding and handling solutions to a broad range of industries including automotive, yellow goods, medical and general manufacturing. The business has a family feel and employees love working for the firm - once in, they rarely leave!

Geographical challenges

Nonetheless the firm does have one major recruiting challenge that will be familiar to many South Coast-based firms seeking complex technical expertise from new hires: its available talent pool extends to the west, east and north but not to the south. Furthermore, the business needs to hire highly specialist experts with a deep understanding of industries such as automotive manufacturing - whose UK hub is the Midlands.

Gerrell & Hard became a supplier to ICS when our identification of a high-performing candidate led to a mutually rewarding and open conversation between Principal Consultant Dave Watts and the ICS senior team. This laid the foundations for a close professional relationship and our appointment as sole supplier.

The first assignment Gerrell & Hard was invited to work on was for a Service Engineering role which took several months to complete. The team at ICS are well-trained in their field and have a very good idea of what they are looking for. Their very specific requirements and our focus on quality over quantity means we can provide the kind of support they require from a sole recruitment partner.


Our work with ICS is fun, challenging and successful because of the very close partnership we have developed with them. Their roles are complex and highly specific and further complicated by the distance from their key client base, so we have developed a very consultative and mutually supportive approach to hiring that has enabled the team there to come up with flexible approaches to working that allows them to extend their pool of available talent. Gerrell & Hard enjoys a superb collaborative relationship with the senior team at ICS, and we hope to fulfil many more assignments.