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Studio Engineer Contract
Studio Engineer Coventry, UK
Studio Engineer
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Studio Engineer JW7072

Assignment description and main responsibilities

Studio Engineering:
•    Collaborate with design and engineering teams to ensure vehicle designs are feasible for production without compromising on quality and aesthetics.
•    Provide technical expertise throughout the entire design process, with a strong focus on quality, particularly in the later stages where fine details that affect the vehicle's appearance and functionality are crucial.
•    Control styling surface data by registering and issuing to engineering, ensuring alignment with styling and communicating with project team members.
•    Record and manage styling design feasibility status, maintaining a theme/model specific Studio Engineering feasibility status tracker.

Quality Assurance:
•    Assist in developing and implement quality control processes to ensure the highest standards of optical and perceived quality are met.
•    Participate in quality inspections to evaluate surface finishes, alignments, and overall fit and finish.
•    Work closely with Engineering (and suppliers) to ensure parts and materials meet stringent quality standards.

Cross-Functional Collaboration:
•    Act as the liaison between the design, engineering, and manufacturing teams, ensuring that design intent is maintained throughout the production process.
•    Communicate and represent any issues between styling team, engineering groups, and suppliers on styling matters.
•    Participate in the validation process to ensure the final design meets all necessary standards and requirements.


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