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Scientist (Materials / Nanotechnology)

​An opportunity for a Chemist/Physicist or Material Scientist to work in the R&D department focusing on the design and development of functional Nano-coatings.

Main Responsibilities List

• To contribute to the development of functional coatings with controlled properties for production purposes using plasma deposition.

• Work on R&D project(s) to expand knowledge base and contribute to understanding the physical mechanisms that lead to the desirable coating performance.

• To maintain safe and efficient working in the laboratory.

• To report to senior members of the team, present findings regularly and actively participate in team discussions.

• To investigate the literature and help devise effective experimental design and analysis.

• To use initiative and make proposals for advancing the project.

• To be able to assist other team members in evaluating the quality of their measurements and understanding their results

• To ensure that measurements are conducted correctly, and all the necessary documentation is in place.

Key skills / experience;

• PhD in chemistry, surface science or materials science or a degree in chemistry, surface science or materials science with relevant industry experience.

• Relevant experience in laboratory based experimental work

• Ability in collating and analysing experimental data, reporting data to line manager/ senior scientists

• Strong communication and presentation skills

• Team working skills


• Background in polymer coating growth (CVD, PVD or plasma deposition), and characterisation.

• Background in the development of barrier coatings for protection from electrochemical corrosion.

• A deep understanding of polymer chemistry, coating growth mechanisms and characterisation.

• Hands on experience or good understanding of surface analytical techniques such as SEM/EDX, AFM, XPS, SIMS or standard materials analysis techniques such as XRD, FTIR DSC, TGA